We are often asked What is Periodontal Screening:

During a regular checkup, Dr. Linderman will do a periodontal screening.

During this screening, he will be analyzing the wellness of your supporting gum tissue and bone structures as well as reviewing the appearance of your gums.

Healthy gum tissues are pink and firm. Harmful periodontal is red, inflamed, spongy-looking as well as might bleed. The Dr. will also search for indications of gum loss as well as use a small tool called a probe to measure the midsts of the pockets in between the teeth and gums. The pocket is a vacuum located around each tooth. In between each tooth is where your floss enters for cleansing.

In a healthy mouth, this vacuum comes to be attached about 2-3 mm of the way down. When bacteria is permitted to gather in this room swelling happens that causes the immune system to send white blood cells. Unfortunately, the WBC not just ruins bacteria but periodontal cells also. When the accessory portion of the gum tissue gets ruined, the pocket becomes deeper and more microorganisms, dental plaque and also food can collect.

If left without treatment or unnoticed, this vacuum will cause bone loss. Eventually, enough bone is shed that the tooth becomes loose and can’t be saved.

Periodontal (gum and tissue) screening

Cavities are often thought of as the primary source of adult missing teeth, however, it’s in fact periodontal condition or gum disease.  Gum disease is a  condition that triggers bone loss and gum tissue detachment around the teeth. With time the teeth come to be mobile and might also drop out. Evaluating for periodontal disease is a vital step that Dr. Lindermans requires to stop the periodontal illness from ruining your smile.

Do You Have Gum Disease?

Gum tissue illness starts as gingivitis yet can swiftly end up being an extreme condition that ruins your smile. To define, if you should have Periodontal (gum and tissue) screening usual signs of gum condition consist of:

  • Visible tartar buildup
  • Foul breath
  • Gums that bleed
  • Mobil teeth
  • Swollen, inflamed, or red gums
  • Recessed gums

If you have any one of these symptoms and they do not reverse themselves with devoted cleaning and flossing, then you should set up an appointment with Dr. Linderman right away. The earlier you get to care for gum disease, the less complicated it is to reverse. Do not wait till it’s too late.

How to Prevent Periodontal Disease

The good news is that gum tissue disease is a conveniently avoidable disease. By simply brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, as well as taking care of normal dental check-ups and also cleanings you are protecting your mouth as well as your teeth.

Gum disease has long been the leading source of missing teeth in grownups which is why every patient ought to have periodontal testing performed each year. Early detection is crucial as well as can make all the distinction.

Periodontal Disease Prevention

This is why it is necessary to identify this disease early in order to prevent further periodontal and also bone loss. There are different treatment options available for gum condition and also Dr. Linderman may refer you to see a gum specialist (Periodontist) for continuous treatment.

There is a reason periodontal Disease is called a “silent disease” it commonly goes unnoticed up until a considerable amount of damage happens. This is normally the case for individuals that do not see a dental expert regularly where the health of their teeth and also periodontal can be checked on a regular basis.


This is what dr Linderman would look for in a periodontal screening